A NIFT, New Delhi alumnus from Fashion Design, batch 2005, NIDHI YASHA is the Founder and Director of the reputed and internationally acclaimed Mumbai based design house THE NY STUDIO.

With over 10 years of experience in Fashion design and having closely worked with craftsmen from across India for various projects, Nidhi nurtured this dream of coming up with an ethical label for years and wrote extensively about craft revival, with her first article about saving Indian crafts published in IMAGES BOF in 2006.

Founded in 2009 THE NY STUDIO has been instrumental in introducing organized and qualitative design solutions for cinema, theatre and television, and for individuals, brands, boutiques, and corporates a like

Nidhi’s love for Indian culture has propelled her to undertake historical and mythological costuming works extensively , having involved a plethora of Indian craftsmen, ever since the inception of the company.

The studio has exhibited its works internationally and carried out workshops/lectures on Indian costume design in collaboration with foreign universities having made its present felt globally.

The namesake label of the designer, “NIDHI YASHA” is the company’s step towards reaching out to the retail market with strong, ethical and matured design philosophy and a dynamic yet focused social objective.


The label NIDHI YASHA was born out of the pressing urge to create clothing that was global and edgy in appeal yet had its soul rooted in love for Indian culture as well as Indian ethnic crafts and surface techniques.

NIDHI YASHA, is an ethical, luxury pret-couture label that spells understated opulence. Structured, sharp silhouettes define elegance and refinement. Painstakingly handcrafted, yet subtle surfaces for a niche clientele that celebrates craftsmanship. Fabrics are premium while ethically sourced and the label indulges only in pure or environment friendly, specially crafted fabrics.

At NIDHI YASHA we strive each minute to make fashion more responsible and ethical with a holistic, humanistic approach towards both design and production.

We relentlessly ideate to come up with design concepts that involve intensive Indian handicfraft and thus give our consumer a luxury experience whilst generating more employment for our craftsmen, and preserving our craft.

Our global approach to the aesthetics of the label helps us create an eclectic fusion of both sensibilities thus expanding our possibilities and consumer base.

This is our way to give back to the culture that has enriched our sensibilities with its heritage; this is our way to take only as much from the environment as much as we can give back.


As a label we earnestly believe in fashion being ethical. Not only do we believe in utilizing natural fibers, resources and techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of fashion, but we also believe in engaging and creating employment for the grass root level artisan by promoting the hand loom/ handicraft industry. By creating concepts that tell detailed stories through their intricate handiwork and intense surface ornamentation, yet are global and international in appeal with their silhouette and structure, we are able to catch the eye balls of an urban segment of women which is well established and understands and appreciates craftsmanship.

The label NIDHI YASHA plans to work in collaboration with a network of weavers and artisans all across india through through several NGO partnerships over different projects. The idea is to ensure that a considerable chunk of the profits go back to the artisan who helped us create what we imagined, which in turn also works as an encouragement for the artisan to preserve and promote his craft.